Certification Services

Certification Services

With a strong emphasis on customer service, International Standards Authority (ISA) services take the hassle out of becoming certified to ISO9001 and AS 9100management systems standards. ISA services include performing value added auditing that improves the effectiveness of the client’s management system. ISA provides a return on investment by using qualified auditors who recognize that systems should aid the organization towards growth, effectiveness and profitability. Obtaining a Quality Management System certificate from an independent body such as ISA is the best way to communicate to your clients that your business is committed to excellence in goods and services. We believe the relationship between a Registrar like ourselves, its customers and our auditors is a three-way partnership. This partnership is developed through thorough, value-added audits (Auditors), exceptional service, responsiveness and resources (ISA) and open communication and feedback (Customer). The following are some of the Services we offer:

  • Documentation/Desk Audit

This is an assessment of an organizations top-level documentation to determine its degree of conformance to the stated standard.

  • Pre-Assessment

This Audit is an On-Site readiness review of an organization’s quality management system to determine the level of compliance prior to the actual and formal Audit.

  • Certification

This is an assessment of an organization quality management system (QMS) to determine conformance to the desired standard. The outcome of this assessment will determine if the organization will attain Certification status.

  • Surveillance Assessment

These assessments are conducted periodically to assure an organizations continuous compliance after having successfully attained Certification. These assessments are typically shorter with fewer processes in review, and emphasis is placed on continual compliance and improvement.

  • Transfer Audits

This assessment of the quality management system is for organizations planning to transfer their services and have ISA as their registrar.ISA reviews your company information and provides a customized quote based on your organization’s product/service, processes, and number of employees. The quote will be faxed or e-mailed to you and originals sent via mail.

  • Modification of Scope

This is an assessment of the organization’s quality management system (QMS) if it elects to add or modify its certification scope.

We are committed to providing your organization with value-added services that will contribute to future improvements of your organization. Get certified to the Internationally recognized standards to:

  • Enhance profitability
  • Meet and exceed customer requirements
  • Improve Competitiveness
  • Serve as a continuous improvement tool for your business
  • Assist in developing and maintaining a disciplined business management system
  • Provide regular reviews and feedback on your management system