ISO Registration Process: Simple Ways to Impress Your ISO Auditor

For many people, the term “quality” is rather subjective; what one person defines as a “high-quality product” may differ from how another person defines it. What cannot be disputed, however, is that once a process has been approved by a recognized ISO 9001 registrar, that particular process is on par with global quality standards.

ISO Registration Process Simple Ways to Impress Your ISO Auditor

Of course, ISO 9001 isn’t a requirement for businesses, but it does make a company look impressive. After all, being ISO 9001 certified tells consumers that your business cares about the quality of your products and services. That alone can improve the number of customers you see and the profits your business enjoys.

If you are interested in prompt ISO registration, know that you will need to have your entire business process assessed by a certification agency like International Standards Authority, Inc. Naturally, you will have to convince the auditor that your business processes are indeed world class. With that in mind, here are a few tips to help you impress your ISO auditor come assessment day and improve your chances of becoming a full-fledged ISO 9001 certified company:

Prepare All Written Documents Beforehand

Ask your auditor what he or she will want to see before the day of your assessment. This will give you time to print out and provide your auditor with copies of your procedures, samples of records and other documents that will help the auditor determine if your processes meet the standards set in place by the International Organization for Standardization. Certification assessments take time, and you don’t want to spend a significant chunk of your assessment printing out documents.

Educate Employees

Many businesses pursuing ISO 9001 certification have to make changes to existing processes and policies. Make sure your employees are well-versed with these changes. Many auditors will speak to employees to gauge whether or not they are capable of carrying out their tasks in accordance to global quality standards.

Respect Auditor Objectivity

Auditors are trained to be impartial and to identify non-compliance. They have no personal agenda, and you should respect their comments even if they do say that certain existing policies are not on par with global standards. Instead, take these comments for what they are: areas you can still improve upon. Work on the suggestions your auditor provides as doing so will help you get one step closer to certification.


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