Airplane Manufacturing

AS9100/AS9120, the internationally adopted Quality Management System (QMS) for the Aerospace industry has changed in order to be aligned with ISO9001:2015.

All organizations currently certified to AS9100/AS9120 will need to transition to the new version of the standard by September 15, 2018.

After June 15, 2017, there will be no audits conducted to AS9100 C or AS9120 A; all audits will be conducted to AS9100 D or AS9120 B.

The new version will present the organization with the opportunity to update their QMS. The focus of the new standards is on the context of the organization, risk based thinking and enhanced leadership responsibilities directed at improving quality and customer satisfaction.

The changes in the new AS standards also offer new definitions and requirements pertaining to product safety, counterfeit parts, ethical behavior, human factor, data management as well as obsolescence. Risk based requirements are no longer just applicable to the product realization section as in the previous version of the standard. Risk based thinking is now more explicit and is expanded to include the whole Quality Management System.

Because the transition time is very short and we want to make sure all our clients are transitioned before the due date and their certificate does not lapse, ISA strongly encourages AS clients to begin revising and upgrading their QMS now to meet the requirements of ISO9001:2015 as well as AS9100 D or AS9120 B.

Transition audits can be conducted during regular Surveillance or Re-Certification audits with additional audit time as required by IAQG SR003 document.

If you would like more details on the changes and transition, please request an ISA presentation by clicking the following link: Contact Us


Currently all AS9100 and AS9120 certified organizations are required to have their audit documents and certificates uploaded in the OASIS database. These activities are presently managed by the ISA staff. In December 2016, IAQG released the new generation OASIS database. All changes will go into effect when we begin to conduct AS9100 D or AS9120 B audits in 2017. The process has changed significantly. Listed below are just some of the major changes to the OASIS database:

  • ISA lead auditor will upload the Audit Plan into OASIS ahead of the audit.
  • ISA audit team will complete all AS9101 F forms directly into the OASIS database.
  • Non-conforming and corrective action management will no longer be handled via QSTAR but will be done completely in OASIS electronically between ISA’s audit team and the client.
  • ISA’s technical review and certification approval activities of all audits will be done in OASIS.
  • ISA strongly recommends all their clients to have an identified supplier admin/contact setup in OASIS, without which we will not be able to upload necessary certification documents for their organization into OASIS.

IAQG has several webinars on their site, for more information, click on the link: