ISO 9001 Certification

Certification To AC 0056

The AC 00-56 is a system that is strongly endorsed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for the accreditation of civil aircraft parts distributors on the basis of voluntary industry oversight and provides information that may be used for developing accreditation programs. The objective of this system is to improve the ability of certificated persons to establish the eligibility of parts and products for installation on type-certificated products. ISA Registrar has established a program using our highly qualified aerospace experienced auditors (AEAs), with extensive aerospace work experience to review your organization’s quality system in accordance to the AC 00-56 system. The following is a summary of the components of this quality system:


  • Procedures that ensure that parts are traceable to a prior source
  • System for training personnel to ensure quality system is properly executed
  • Administrative procedure that provide for the identification and qualification of all employees
  • Procedure for segregation of incoming discrepant material
  • Measuring equipment control
  • Shelf-life control system
  • System that assures technical data is maintained in an accessible manner
  • Inspection stamp control
  • Packaging control
  • Environmental controls
  • Procedure for assuring accountability
  • Procedure for assuring accountability when approval tags or other traceable documents are duplicated
  • Procedure for documenting redistribution of lots
  • Procedures for maintaining documentation originally received from parts manufacturer
  • Procedure for monitoring the effectiveness of the distributor’s quality system
  • Recall control system
  • System for notifying the accreditation organization prior to implementing any significant changes
  • System for hazardous material control